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Create the life you deserve using the power of your visual mind

I help coach dyslexic founders, business owners and executives

A personal message from Stephen

Dyslexic Coach personal trainer

Stuck in your head? Overthinking things? Maybe it’s affecting your work, relationships or just day to day life?

You are not alone. Many of were never told what dyslexia actually means once we left school.

Many of us have used ‘stop gap’ solutions to get by but are still dealing with self doubt & self criticism.

It get’s tiring and you sometimes feel like ‘there has to be an easier way – right’

When I understood how my mind worked I was able to leverage it in my business career and create the life I had only dreamed about. 

Dyslexic Coach personal trainer

Some of the topics we can cover:

💭 Overthinking – How to take back control of your mind.

💡 Visualisation – Using your minds greatest strength.

🗣 Communication – How to clearly get what you see out of your head so people understand it.

🎯Goals – How to work out what you really want.

🖼 Self Confidence – Building your confidence to be able to stand tall.

✔️ Prioritisation – What first, what next – I want to hide under the covers.

Time – Removing anxiety around time and how we work with it.


Dyslexic Business & executive Coach

Stephen has trained dyslexics all over the world to help them achieve their dreams.

Helping them accept themselves, leverage their talents and create the job or business they dreamt’t of. 

Investing in yourself compounds like money in the bank. Are you ready to step up?

Successful Clients

Having faced lots of challenges over the years, working with Stephen one on one, as a coach and an advisor, has been a game changer!

His creative thinking, helped my busy mind, settle down and come up with step by step tools. Stephen got to know my business and my style of learning and helped map solutions to tackle my overwhelm, based on implementing new systems and measurements that had previously been stumbling blocks for me, both personally and professional.

Highly recommend working with Stephen!”

Natalie Standring

The Hub Consulting Limited

Stephen has always displayed a selfless passion to see those around him thrive. With an extremely open heart and mind he has the ability to look beyond blockages and provide solutions that sometimes can be seen as simple and logical but at the same time could mean the difference of a business staying stuck or moving on to breakthrough! “

Freddie Müller

“We have known Stephen Martin for around 10 years.

We were new in business and were trying to grow our internet presence. Stephen helped us upgrade our website initially. Since then he has developed into our mentor. Whenever we are looking for ways to improve and grow our business we turn to Stephen. He is someone who can look at our dilemma and see things in a very different way. He never fails to come up with ideas that had never crossed our minds.

Stephen is a very good listener and has a calming personality. We always leave a meeting with Stephen feeling positive and excited. He is a very likeable chap and we always enjoy having a coffee and a catch up.
We highly recommend Stephen Martin as a Business Mentor.”

Darren & Ann-Marie Nicholas

Mummy’s Yummys Homebaking

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do business & executive coaching?

Yes. I have worked with a number of business owners, entrepreneurs & executives to help them better understand their mind, levearge the dyslexic talents they have been given & grow. 

These packages can be customised to your needs.

Could you teach me to be a Dyslexic Personal Trainer?

Many dyslexics are caring & have great intentions. They would love to support other dyslexics to achieve great things. I do offer a very limited amount of spaces to help create coaches.

I only work with committed people. If this is of interest – please note it when you book in an inital session.

Do you coach people with ADHD & Autism?

Great question. 

I myself have ADHD and have coached many dyslexics who have all 3 Neurodiversities (is that a phrase – is should be).

Most of us who are use the right side of the brain predominantly are a cocktail of all of these (and probably a few more).

The training I do can support all neurodiversities.

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