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Awareness is the first step. It's then about learning how to both manage and use your dyslexia well

Dyslexia with numbers: Does it exists?

Dyslexia with Numbers

Many people think dyslexia is all about reading and writing, but did you know numbers can be affected as well. In this post, we look at this specific challenge....

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Dyslexia treatment: Can it be solved?

Dyslexia Treatment

How do you treat dyslexia? Will it ever go away? What can I do about it? With so many adults being diagnosed with Dyslexia later in life, or even as a teenager. The first thing they want to...

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Dyslexia Test: How can I know for sure?

Dyslexia Test

How do you know if you have dyslexia? You do a dyslexia test right. You are correct. Many people wonder if they have Dyslexia and struggle to know where to start. We have created a simple quiz to...

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