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Adult Dyslexia Podcast

Looking for an Adult Dyslexia Podcast?

Maybe you have just been diagnosed later in life with Dyslexia? (it happens alot)

Maybe you thought it did not matter once you left school?

Maybe you are looking to grow your understanding & find tools to help?

Whatever the case the – Truth About Dyslexia Podcast could be just what you are looking for.

>> Dyslexia Podcast

Stephen talks through his journey, what he is learning and shares insights from every day life.

Most podcasts are between 7 and 15 minutes (so you don’t have to apply too much of your attention to them) but may just give you a gem of knowledge that you have been seeking.

The podcast has had over 80,000 downloads so far with fantastic feedback and a growing community being built up arond the adult dyslexia secrets facebook group.

Occationally we even throw in a full length interview with an expert in fields of dyslexic employment, relationships, study, business and just life (one of our biggest challenges).

Truth About Dyslexia’s podcast if focussed on helping Adult Dyslexics deal with the challenges they face – going beyond the obvious.

We talk about the stuff no one told you at school or that is just becoming known.

Usually 3 episodes come out each week (or as he learns something new, that is worth sharing).

If you would like to be a guest or have something to share get in touch on our contact form on the home page. We are always looking for ideas and topics that can help out.

You can listen to this adult dyslexia podcast on all the good platforms like spotify, itunes and anchor via the links below.