Dyslexia Test: How can I know for sure?

How do you know if you have dyslexia? You do a dyslexia quiz or test.


That would make sense. But you may have run into a few problems finding a good one.

✅  An online Dyslexia quiz or test helps many online tests are really just to ‘give you a feel if you are dyslexic or not’ they are based on what is looked for in kids (our one helps you see challenges outside reading & writing – here)

✅ Getting a full on educational psychologist report is expensive. In the US  we have heard prices up to $1000 USD (and they kind of leave you hanging afterward with very little in actionable steps. 

✅ It’s scary to be tested especially as an adult. It’s a relief to know one way or the other but it’s also like stepping into the Matrix – What does it mean? How will it change your life? Who should you tell your Dyslexic to?

My name is Stephen & I am one of the founders of The Truth About Dyslexia and our podcast which has had over 400,000 downloads. I was lucky. A teacher picked me out at 10 years old and said ‘This kid is smart – but it’s not translating to test results and performance’

They raised the red flag and I was at a school where they could test me. My mother reminds me once I did the test that my parents teared up (they did not know much about Dyslexia but like many thought it was just a learning disability).

But I said…

‘At least I know I am not stupid’

Knowing gave me power over the journey to become aware, accept and take action to change it.

So is a Dyslexia test worth it?

I get this question a lot about getting an official dyslexia diagnosis and I am in 2 minds to be honest.

Many of the people we work with are 18+ with majority being 25+ and getting late diagnosed with Dyslexia.

Con’s of getting a Dyslexia Test & Diagnosis

⭐️ It’s emotionally scary – to think you went through your life not knowing.. Thats some deep emotions that will come up – be aware of that.

⭐️ Will it move the needle? What will change from knowing from your own research & online tests?

⭐️ It’s expensive – it can range from $600 on the low side up to $1500 if you can’t get it covered by insurance or a government department (or possibly your work).

Pro’s of doing a Dyslexia Test & Getting A Dyslexia Diagnosis

⭐️ You are 100% sure. As dyslexics clarity is something that we need, it allows control. The clarity of knowing moves you can start dealing with it.

⭐️ If you are at school or college you may get additional resources to help you succeed (this is well worth getting access to)

⭐️  At work you will likely also get additional time, resources and more understanding for how your head works (remember it is not a disability it is a difference in how you think)

What we have learned is that there is T’he 5 levels of Dyslexia realisation’

1. It comes onto your radar

We work with adults so this is from that perspective. But it starts with one of these things:

> You have always wondered – but something in your environment has brought it to your attention
> A child or family member is diagnosed and you realise it is hereditary
> You some how start reading some symptoms to help someone else and go… oh shit that’s me. (we usually have friends who are also dyslexic)

2. Online Research

Now the average dyslexic is a sponge we love information, videos, podcasts (like mine) that are full of key information that will help us form a decision. Usually by this point your intuition will tell you that you are or are not dyslexic.

Most people don’t really have an idea about Dyslexia and what it is so when you start really understanding it – it is eye opening. For me although I was diagnosed young – I did not click to what it meant until my early 30’s – It was like all the penny’s dropped at once.

3. Online Dyslexia Test or Quiz

There are a bunch around. Our one has been developed for adults and is super fast. It is just about giving you an indication based on our standard. We also built it to get you thinking of the non Reading & Writing challenges we have. It’s an aha moment for many.

You can take our Dyslexia Test here.

4. Dyslexia Screening

I recently interviewed Hugo from Dystech a company working on the future of Dyslexia screening at the moment it is really for kids from 4 – 10 but will hopefully revolutionise the way kids are screened. Over time I know Hugo does not stop (he is dyslexic himself) and will work out a way of doing it for adults too!

It uses artificial intelligence.

>> Click here to do a screening it’s just $19.99

5. Educational Psychologist Diagnosis

This is the gold standard if you want to be recognised. I see it like being married. You can get a bit of paper & have an official wedding (official diagnosis) – or you can just be madly in love for the rest of your life (Just knowing).

You will find Dyslexia associations all over the world who will have lists of these people or google in your local area.

You are correct. Many people wonder if they have Dyslexia and struggle to know where to start. We have created a simple quiz to give you an idea but there are also many other tests on the market and we have reviewed them below.

If you would like to take our Dyslexia Test it can help you discover if you likely have Dyslexia. It gives you one of 3 categorisations and is a super quick and simple quiz. We used what we have found are common traits. 

It’s a good first step.

Feel free to share this post if people could use it.

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