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Awareness is the first step. It's then about learning how to both manage and use your dyslexia well

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Dyslexia and being socially awkward

5 ways dyslexia can make you feel socially awkward. One of the most popular pods is dealing with how being dyslexic can lead to challenges socialising - from dating to work there are so many places it appears. Let’s dive in.

Stop getting overwhelmed on the small things

I sometimes like to think back to what I would tell myself 5-10 years ago. It’s really tough as it’s like my brain blocks so much out. But one big thing is that I will always struggle with balancing the big picture and the small actions. In this pod I dig a bit deeper...

Working out what you want? (For dyslexics)

This used to be one of my biggest stumbling blocks. Get this wrong and you end up going down a path that can be painful. In this pod I explain why we struggle with working out what we want and how to change the way you pic it.

Striving to be better

For many years I got stuck in goals that were too big to achieve. My dyslexic mind would get excited by a vision that would ultimately leave me feeling like a failure. I want to dive into this topic today. If you want to be featured on the pod visit...

Using Dyslexia To Reach Your Goas

This is a follow on form the previous podcast. We are at that time of the year to set goals and bring them to reality 🙂 So here is how I use dyslexia to my advantage.

Goals and a new way of beating anxiety

I wanted to checkin for the new year as I’m still on holiday. I’m this podcast I share my goals and how I set them and finish off with a really good ‘aha’ on how anxiety works and how to cut it off at the pass. I will be back next week after the holidays!


Just wanted to stop by and say merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and give a few tips on searching the list of great pods!

3 Biggest Lessons of 2022

I wanted to dive deep into my lessons for my neurodiverse mind this year! Thanks again to all our supporters on patreon - https://patreon.com/adultdyslexia