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Awareness is the first step. It's then about learning how to both manage and use your dyslexia well

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Advocating for Dyslexia

I wanted to shout out to the #goredfordyslexia campaign over the month of October. So here are a few thoughts on how you can shout out for dyslexia

Careers, dyslexia and getting a promotion

I get asked a lot about going for a promotion. The fear, worry and uncertainty it brings. Our dyslexic minds run off down rabbit holes. In this pod I share a few thoughts to get you thinking in a more positive way!

Getting your calendar right

Time management and dyslexia sucks. It’s not natural and we have to find workarounds. Ash reached out asking about calendars. My dyslexic brain never used to get on with my calendar until I made a couple of key changes. I wanted to share these in the pod. Another tool...

Let’s talk about Values

What a triggering trigger word (I explain in the pod). This is a phrase I have struggled with and I want to talk through the reason why I and other dyslexics can be challenged with it.

Stop Lying To Yourself

I used to do this all the time.. now I do it a bit less. In this episode I aim to set you free of a really common thing we all best ourselves up over. Your dyslexic mind will thank you for listening to this one!

Not being good enough

Not feeling good enough? Struggling to step up? Is your dyslexic mind keeping you trapped? In this episode, we talk about why you should feel good enough and not let you dyslexia get in the way. Stand up and be counted. Find out more about RemarkableMinds.org -...

Dyslexia, Relationships and Tinder

Relationships & dyslexia. If I heard that in the past I would have a giant sigh. It just seemed super hard, pointless, frustrating and maybe impossible at times. I remember going on Tinder before I found Holly and it was like a video game (which I later found out...

Just One More

Achieving goals can feel like a game at the carnival you just can’t win. You have successes but you feel like they are more luck than skill. I’m on a mission to build my fitness and I wanted to share a top I recommend.

The Dyslexic ‘Picture Lock’

Have you experienced it when you have such a clear picture in your brain - it stops you from taking action, growing or moving forward. In this podcast I share some great stories of exactly what I mean. enjoy!