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Awareness is the first step. It's then about learning how to both manage and use your dyslexia well

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Why does slowing down seem so painful?

Need a pep talk about slowing down? Does your brain always look for what’s next? Does it get overwhelmed by possibilities? Well my dyslexic brain does! So enjoy this passion filled episode. I also mention I was interviewed by another podcast recently see -...

Dyslexia Coaching Call with Alison

Hey everyone, I get asked about coaching a lot when it comes to those with Dyslexia. At the moment I don't have the capacity to take on individual clients. But about 1 - 2 years ago (where does time go) I did a coaching session with a lovely lady called Alison...

Problem Solvers, Not Solution Takers

Do you get frustrated when someone tries to offer you unsolicited advice, does it get your back up? On the other hand do you find yourself trying to solve others problems? Many of us live the hypocritical way of life as dyslexics. In this podcast I share why I think...

Memory, Smell and Visualisation

This is a great memory technique for those of us with dyslexia. To remember things we are studying. I start off talking about smell then we dive in to visualisation and memory. Enjoy!

5 Relationship Problems For Dyslexics

Relationships can be tough for those with Dyslexia. It took me years to work it out. It was painful for me and my partners. I wanted to share 5 problems I had with previous partners and share some Learnings from where I am now.

ADHD & Dyslexia: New Gene Study

One of the big questions I get asked is about the cross over of ADHD and Dyslexia. So when I came across a study done at the end of 2022 I wanted to share a few thoughts. Here is a link to the study I cite - https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/10/221020112823.htm

Extreme Anxiety: How to step out of it

Dyslexia can really lead to your mind running away and leaving you in an emotional wasteland of low productivity. I felt that on Monday. Here is how I ‘finally’ got out of it.

Dyslexia can be a lonely place

You don’t have to do dyslexia alone. More people than you can imagine have dyslexia. I remember it was for me. In this podcast I talk about building your own community and what you can do. You are also welcome to join our group on facebook. Join our Adult Dyslexia...

Sensitivity Overload for Dyslexics

Welcome to "The Truth About Dyslexia" with your host, Stephen! 🎙️ In this eye-opening podcast, we dive deep into the sensory world of dyslexic individuals. 🌈 Ever wondered why they might find it hard to focus in a noisy room or why they're sensitive to light and...