Moving Forward by Looking Back


In this episode, Stephen Martin discusses the importance of clearing emotional baggage that stems from childhood and holds many individuals with dyslexia and neurodiversity back. He shares his personal journey of trying different techniques to overcome emotional triggers and find emotional balance. Stephen emphasizes the need to address emotional problems rather than relying solely on logical thinking. He highlights the benefits of working with a life coach or therapist to gain a different perspective and solve underlying emotional issues. Stephen also mentions the effectiveness of techniques such as hypnosis in removing emotional triggers.


Clearing emotional baggage is crucial for individuals with dyslexia and neurodiversity to overcome challenges and find emotional balance.

Addressing emotional problems requires more than logical thinking and may involve working with a life coach or therapist to gain a different perspective.

Techniques like hypnosis can be effective in removing emotional triggers and solving underlying emotional issues.

It is important to slow down and recognize when logical thinking alone is not solving recurring problems, indicating a deeper emotional code problem that needs to be properly addressed.

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