Dyslexia and Supplements: Which should I take?

When I first got diagnosed with dyslexia. Well that was actually when I was 10 years old.

What I should say is when I was re-inspired to look at my dyslexia and find out that it was a key puzzle piece to this endless searching for answers to why I was the way I was…. (breath out)

How can I fix this thing?

How can I find a solution? Us dyslexics are problem solvers, solution finders, and explorers.

I was digging deep on working on my mind. But I also knew there was a nutrition or supplement element.

In the podcast below have a listen as I talk through my latest nutrition finds.

This is a big topic and one I want to really dive into. I will dive much deeper into each of the following. But for now, once you listen to the podcast if you do what to give any a go to see if they support your dyslexic mind. Dive in.

Dyslexia Sleep Supplements 
Magnesium L-Theonate –
Melatonin/Theanine –
iherb.co/W1tn1zF (note these may be out of stock in the US Summer – Click to notify you)

Afternoon Energy For Dyslexia
Vitamin B Dropper –

Not Drinking Water? This is great
Electrolytes (taste great/no sugar) –

I am always looking for new ideas on what to try. This blog will be a living thing so reach out on the contact page.

*Just note I am not a doctor, an educational psychologist or the like. I am someone with dyslexia, with an overactive imagination and these have worked for me. Please do your own research.

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