How Text To Speech Changed Cliff Weitzman’s Life with Dyslexia (and the app he built with over 25 million users)

I have been very lucky to interview Cliff Weitzman the CEO and one of the Founders of Speechify. In this Interview with Cliff Weitzman we talk about:

  • How to listen to audio at 3x Speed
  • What listening to audiobooks can do for you
  • Great tips for entrepreneurs with Dyslexia
  • Along with the 1 thing all parents should focus on
  • How reading a sentence is like math for dyslexics
  • The one skill all dyslexic’s need to leave school with
  • Plus a few fun tangents along the way!

Cliff and the team have created a fantastic tool to help those with Dyslexia listen to text rather than read.

Speechify is available on PC/Mac/Chrome/Android & IOS. Make sure you try it out over at

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