Overreacting and Dyslexia

If you have dyslexia you may have been in a situation just like this?
You are fully focussed on something. For me it is things like my FIFA football video game, watching a TV show, doing a chore.

Your partner interrupts you while you are in ‘dyslexia hyper-focus’ mode and without a second thought, you jump and overreact.

Your partner gets grumpy, you are agitated and you then have to deal with the fallout.

Looking back at the situation from an outside perspective you can see that you overreacted.

Well beyond what was called for. You did it because you were angry and frustrated – but what if there was more to it?

Give This To Your Friends & Family

A Simple Guide that helps friends, family, and employers understand the needs of dyslexics.
Many with dyslexia will read it and have those "That's me!" or "Aha!" moments!

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