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Sensitivity Overload for Dyslexics

Welcome to “The Truth About Dyslexia” with your host, Stephen! 🎙️ In this eye-opening podcast, we dive deep into the sensory world of dyslexic individuals. 🌈 Ever wondered why they might find it hard to focus in a noisy room or why they’re sensitive to light and temperature? 🤔 We’ve got you covered!

We explore how dyslexics process a whirlwind of stimuli all at once, making it a challenge to filter out distractions. 🌀 Imagine trying to play a football match where everyone’s shouting instructions at you, the sun’s in your eyes, and you’re also trying to remember your game strategy. ⚽ That’s a day in the life of a dyslexic person.

We also delve into how dyslexics link new information to what they already know, a bit like connecting the dots in a complex play on the pitch. 🤓⚽ But this mental gymnastics takes a lot of focus, so don’t be surprised if they miss a pass—or a point in conversation—now and then.

Lastly, we tackle the challenges dyslexics face in work environments, especially in open-plan offices. 🏢 Think of it as playing on a pitch with too many distractions—loud fans, uneven turf, and unpredictable weather. 🌦️ Noise-cancelling headphones can be a game-changer, but self-awareness is the real MVP. 🎧

So tune in to understand, empathise, and learn how to better support the dyslexic individuals in your life. 🎧🌟

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