Touch Typing Software For Dyslexia

One of the biggest challenges with Dyslexia is getting the ideas out of our head quick enough. Some of us stumble over our words and can be a little bit self-conscious.

At school, the most important thing I learned was Touch Typing and even though I did not know it the reason was that I could get the stuff coming out my brain into reality quicker.

My handwriting meant I should have been a doctor with how bad it was and it got to a point where I just hated it. I spent most of my time doodling little images on my school books.

But when I got to typing class I lit up as I just had an intuition this was going to play a big part in my life.

If you want a sneak peek you can click this link.

Give This To Your Friends & Family

A Simple Guide that helps friends, family, and employers understand the needs of dyslexics.
Many with dyslexia will read it and have those "That's me!" or "Aha!" moments!

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