Understanding The Mind with Simone Ellen Keller

Neurodiversity is all about how our minds work differently – whether it is dysleixa, ADHD or one of the many others. In this epoisode i speak with Simone who has been on a quest to understand the mind and learn to reprogram it for success.

It’s a real interesting interview that goes all over the place from addiction to self sabotage, from branding to owning a bar and everywhere inbetween.

I hope you enjoy it my dyslexic friends!

Find out more about what Simone is doing at Genius You here.

** I used a new recording platform for this podcast so you should be able to listen and if on Spotify watch the episode if you so choose. Any issues I will sort 🙂

Give This To Your Friends & Family

A Simple Guide that helps friends, family, and employers understand the needs of dyslexics.
Many with dyslexia will read it and have those "That's me!" or "Aha!" moments!

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