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10 Great Pieces of Advice

As a dyslexic I like many of us can see a great quote or piece of advice and go 'hey that is great advice' then in the blink of an eye, not absorb it and move on.

I wanted to do this podcast to talk through 10 great pieces of advice I have in a list that I have not really give the time of day. I have listed these below so you can come back to once you have listened. In the podcast I give some stories and my dyslexic perspective on each.

1. Skills stack on top of each other and create asymmetrical returns to all of the skills before them

2. If you want to feel terrible— Remember, there's always someone doing better.

3. We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught.

4. Long after we die, the values we chose to exemplify to ourselves remain eternal.

5. Failure is to be expected, not avoided. Failure is feedback, not judgment.

6. If someone isn't going to speak over you at your funeral— Don't let them speak over you during your life.

7. If we can change how we speak, we will change how we live.

8. We seek the freedom to choose what we do rather than freedom from doing things altogether.

9. Most of what constrains us are invisible to us. This is why we have things called “limiting beliefs.” Sometimes you need someone from the outside to point it out, and the humility to listen.

10. Just because something hurts you, doesn't make it evil.

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